by elusiveunderstanding5

  How others see us plays a big part in our lives. Some of us are able to achieve the balance where other people’s opinions impact us but not to the degree that they derail us. I, unfortunately, am of the other group. I worry too much about what others think and ultimately that affects the way I view myself. I lack common sense and I have never denied that or tried to hide that fact. Truth is, I couldn’t hide it even if I tried because eventually you are bound to discover the fact that I lack common sense. I used to think of myself as an intelligent person. However, ever since I joined the Army, I typically feel like a moron on most days. I have anxiety at times and this makes me nervous in certain situations. That nervous energy, so to speak, rubs off on me and usually leads to me messing things up or over thinking simple problems. That’s another tendency I have; I overthink everything and every situation. The simplest of molehills become the grandest of mountains in my head. I’m getting a bit off tangent but the whole point of this post is the fact that our opinions should matter the most. Think of yourself as a book. Most people will only get to see certain chapters or certain parts of said book. No one can process you in your entirety, it’s not possible. Therefore, if you mess up at work or people think you’re a certain way at work, they’re not getting all the chapters. Everyone has eyes but not everyone can see. The people I work with think I’m pretty stupid and that has not been lost on me. Over time, I’ve started agreeing with that viewpoint. I started questioning how I was even able to graduate college. I feel pretty stupid on most days but that’s because I let others opinions get the best of me. The fact that others view you as unintelligent does not make that true. Intelligence can never be fully measured. The point is you have to know and respect yourself. Otherwise the thoughts of others can ruin you.