by elusiveunderstanding5

It is the force which drives us to perform an action. However, the source of the motivation varies for each of us. For instance, my motivation to write this post has flickered like a light switch throughout the day. At times, I was excited by the idea of writing again and thrilled by the prospect that there’s actually people out there that read what I write. On the other hand, I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about and I was worried it would just be some random jumble that would make little sense and waste my time and yours. There’s too much negativity in this world. I’m not just talking about the out in the open kind; I’m referring to the kind that’s closeted or only revealed behind closed doors. People wish you success or good luck and secretly wish you fail. When I joined the Army, particularly the Infantry, I knew I was going to be pushed way outside of my comfort zone. But I was motivated to change my surroundings and that’s what pushed me even at the worst of times. I was tired of being compared to other people. I have never followed the typical path that many of my fellow Indians follow. I did not want to become a Doctor or become a Physician’s assistant. I have always marched to the beat of my own drum, so to speak. I was being lazy earlier today and kept putting off running. I forced myself to go outside and run two miles. Not too soon after, I was on the phone with my sister and I told her I had ignored her call because I was running. The conversation turned to the topic of motivation. She said it’s good that I’m so motivated. But that’s the way it has to be. I told her if I’m not motivated I will go crazy eventually. I use everything as motivation even if it’s a perceived slight or wholly imagined. I take pride in being a vegetarian and still being able to surprise people at the gym when we lift.  I imagine people are talking shit about vegetarians when I’m at the gym. I post selfies on social media and it rubs some people the wrong way but it helps me. I’m motivated to improve my run time as I have never sucked at running as much as I have in El Paso. The elevation mask has made running fun again; at least, for me it has. There’s some people that believe it’s a scam or a placebo effect. My answer to that is: who gives a fuck? I believe it works and there’s many athletes and professionals who have endorsed it. However, if it is a mere placebo; it is innocuous and actually beneficial. People, including myself, are out there running and pushing themselves. If that’s the end result, then it being a placebo effect should not be that big of a deal. I’m not referring to the idiots that lift weights with the training mask. I’m talking about the people that actually use it the way it was meant to be used. This post was all over the place but it’s been a while since I’ve posted so I’ll hit my stride again. My goal is to keep this updated so only time will tell.