My humble attempt at poetry, a poem I call “Writing”.

by elusiveunderstanding5

Writing comes from the soul
You let go of things you didn’t even know
For the canvas is a collection of your innermost thoughts and unique to you
Often told in a voice you’re not even sure of
The ink bleeds onto the page and therapy ensues
You unload all of the extra baggage
And embrace your truths
Even though they might conflict with the world’s truths
You take in the self-doubt and you keep writing in hopes that you reach a place of understanding
One that was not previously present
By delving into the soul
And unearthing things you didn’t want to know
The process can be both therapeutic and painful
That is the curse of the writer
It can be a crippling experience or a window into the truth that is much more telling than one’s eyes
The pen opens up a window into the version of yourself that even your closet friends and confidants might not have known