by elusiveunderstanding5

The premise behind this post is simple much like the title suggests. I am currently in the military and I am proud of serving the United States; however, I have a little less than 2 years left and I am contemplating my future. I have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology but my true passion is reading, and by extension, writing. I was always told I was a good writer by people who either couldn’t or didn’t want to do it for themselves. I would write papers for people or simply “edit” what they had written in college. It wasn’t too bad because it’s the one thing that has always come to me somewhat naturally. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some prodigy who was writing best-sellers out of the womb. I had to work at it, but the more I read, the better I became at articulating myself, at least on paper. The words would just flow similar to a faucet and I would not have to exert much effort in the process. It felt good being able to do something in that manner without having to spend painstaking hours or mere drawn out minutes trying to come up with the perfect word and pull it out of thin air. On a whim, albeit I had my reasons, I joined the Army and the Infantry. I had my reasons at the time and I am not in the business of beating dead horses anymore. With that being said, I realize I have to do what comes most naturally: write. Too often, I’d complain to people and buy into the idea that there is no money in writing. While I readily agree it is a very competitive field and everyone and their mom’s seems to be writing novels about miscellaneous subjects. Networking is my best friend at the moment, that’s the means in which I can get my name out there. I have to keep writing and keep putting out new material so I don’t get rusty, and better yet, I don’t lose hope. I’m tired of doing things I don’t want to do. I’m tired of giving in and listening to the advice of family members and being miserable in the process. I understand they have my best interests in mind; however, it is up to me to create my own path. I have always marched to the beat of my own drum, so to speak, and I will continue to do so. We all have one life to live and some of us get too caught up in trying to please others and forgetting about the person that matters most: the person in the mirror. I am learning more and more about myself through my writing as I feel it is when I am most honest with myself. I let the emotion seep onto the page rather than suppressing it and as a result, it becomes more therapy than mere words on a page. I get into a zone that few things in life allow me to get into. When I’m in that zone, I don’t know exactly where I “go” but it’s a trance-like state that grants my fingers the freedom to keep moving and expressing the thoughts in my head. It takes a piece of me and translates it into words which I can share with the world or whoever cares to read this.