Bored at work

by elusiveunderstanding5

I’m currently sitting at this desk waiting for lunch time. It is another day at work where I wish I were doing something else somewhere else. Of course, today is April 20th or, simply put, 4/20, another excuse, like anyone needs one, for people to light up the marijuana and smoke it in the manner they wish. I am in the military, so, of course, I do not partake and will not partake. However, lately, I have been dreaming of a beach. I am not much of a beach person but I can’t shake this image out of my  head. Each day I wake up and I see visions of a future that may be in grasp if only I take the proper steps to ensure it. My family and that hope are two guiding forces that keep me sane in this desert. I am glad I joined the Army as it has made me a stronger person and more disciplined. Also, it has shown me pain and struggle and pushed me outside of my comfort zone. However, I cannot sit here and say that I do not, once in a while, wish I could sit in the privacy of my room and occasionally smoke some marijuana. Others are getting drunk out of their minds and are able to do so while I cannot take part in smoking a plant that has never killed anyone. I have never hidden or lied about supporting legalization of marijuana. I like the space it puts me in and the euphoria it provides is second to none. Granted, that euphoria is not something to always chase as that’s a rabbit hole that one can get lost in. All I know is I have choices to make in the coming year and those will set the course of events that will make up my life the next few years. I am getting to the age where indecisiveness has to go and I have to make a choice whether I think I’m ready or not. I want to be doing something that I enjoy and can make an income off of. That seems like an idealistic ideal these days but I believe it is possible if I just embrace my talent and try to push it as far as it can take me. If I dont’ do this, then I know I will grow to be a bitter old man who will spend his days thinking, what if? That’s the last thing I want and as such, I plan to take many more chances and to push myself further out of my comfort zone to get the things I want out of life. Because as they say, you only have on life to live and it is yours to make or waste. I am beginning to truly realize what that means as I get older. I will be 26 in less than a month and there is a lot I want to accomplish in the next 10 years or so.