She left for India today. It hasn’t even been a full 24 hours yet but I miss her voice. I’ve been looking at old pictures to make myself feel better. I guess this is understandable when you talk every single day. She’ll be gone for a month and here I am writing this not knowing what to do with myself. I got a lot of reading done today but it is later on in the evening when I miss her most. I don’t simply miss her body, I miss her very essence. I miss making faces, noises, and just overall acting silly on FaceTime. Even when no words are exchanged, just having the knowledge of her being on the other line provides me solace. I have rarely felt this open or comfortable with the opposite sex. Typically if I have, it’s usually due to it being a relative of mine, not a romantic interest. I don’t know if this is love or just a more powerful form of affection than I’m used to. Whatever the case, I do know I want her in my life. I wonder if she thinks of me when left to her own thoughts as much as I do about her. Only time will tell where this is headed but I think we have something special here.