by elusiveunderstanding5

The music videos turned into an interactive experience. It was as if each music video served as a portal to another world and different time periods. I felt the full spectrum of emotions ranging from joyful to downright terrified. I was flooded with memories of past days. I thought of old friends, old memories, old places. I began to ponder why I hadn’t kept in touch with certain people even though I have love for them. Overall, it was all about the mind. I was able to snap out of it, by using, what I call “grounding devices”. This alternate reality was enticing and I can absolutely see how some get lost in it. I thought of familiar things, things I know that are fact. I was in my friend’s apartment. I simply reminded myself that the cauldron of emotions I was feeling would come to pass. I reiterated that normalcy would ultimately prevail once again. Due to these thoughts, I was able to regulate my trip, in a sense. Familiarity breeds contempt but humans are, at their core, creatures of habit. We find comfort in what we know and fear the unknown. If you let it, the mysterious thoughts and the alternate reality can consume you. However, just as the tattoo on my arm reads, you live and you learn. I just take this as another experience. I’m going to take the good I learned and apply it to my life.