My name is Kamal Darji. I have a Bachelor’s in Psychology from East Carolina University with a minor in English. I’m currently in the Army serving as an 11 Bravo or Infantryman. We all look for our niche in life and most of us dream of finding something that we both enjoy and excel at. For me, as I’ve been told, that skill is writing. However, this vision has always felt like a pipe dream of sorts to me. I have spent many hours perusing over novels written by Stephen King and Michael Connelly. These are two of my favorite authors and as a result, I would occasionally daydream of driving to a book signing of my own in a Black Escalade. Why a black escalade, you ask? I have no clue why but I do know that those daydreams felt exhilarating although a bit far-fetched in my mind. My goal with this blog is to continue writing. Whether it’s good or bad, it’s important to keep writing or so I read in one book that gave advice about writing. This is my practice so I don’t get rusty and in a sense, it’s a way of combating the chronic laziness I have when it comes to actually sitting down and doing something I’m supposedly good at.