To Write

The title of this post is quite simple. However, it is an action which I find quite difficult to find time for. This is not because I’m extremely busy or engaged in an other-worldly occupation. It is because I always make time for distractions. Whether it’s time to check my Facebook or post a witty Tweet about something, I always put that ahead of actually sitting down to update my blog or to just sit down and write. I allow myself to become easily distracted. From time to time, I’ll get the itch such as today and post a blog post or two. However, throughout the week, that itch will all but disappear and I won’t write another post for a month or two. I am told I am good at writing but I still view it as a sort of pipe dream. In reality, I don’t see myself making a career of it and actually receiving a suitable income. That would be the ultimate dream, of course, but that is not going to happen unless I making writing a priority. For too long, I have made this supposed skill a mistress and only asked for it back whenever I felt the itch. Other than that, I put writing on the back-burner and simply live off the praise of the uninitiated. I can do that no longer if I wish to ultimately do something with this. Just like anything else in life, I need to start putting in the work. As is often the case, words are nothing but mere placeholders until action is put into place. I can write about writing all day but it is going to make no profound difference unless I start applying what I theoretically have known for a long time.