Gas station story

I was about to go to sleep and I got a call from my friend. He was bored and as such, he came to pick me up. We pull up to a 7/11 and I walk inside. As I’m approaching the register, I notice this guy in front of me. At first glance, I noticed a white substance around his nose. I write it off as him possibly being a sloppy eater; however, upon further examination, I came to the realization that it was not donut residue and that it was coke around his nose. He walks past me and takes a right towards the ATM. Hanging just above the ATM screen was a flyer that read, “Out of Order”. This guy still proceeds to walk to the ATM with an awkward mix of determination and confusion on his face. The cashier simply says, “ATM is broken, man.” The one with white around his nose looks up and replies with, “I have to make sure.” All in all, people are crazy.